Daemon command line arguments and commands

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Command line options:

 --help                              Produce help message
 --version                           Output version information
 --data-dir arg                      Specify data directory
 --config-file arg                   Specify configuration file

Command line options and settings options:

 --log-file arg
 --log-level arg (=0)
 --no-console                        Disable daemon console commands
 --testnet                           Used to deploy test nets. Checkpoints and 
                                     hardcoded seeds are ignored, network id is 
                                     changed. Use it with --data-dir flag. The 
                                     wallet must be launched with --testnet flag.
 --rpc-bind-ip arg (=
 --rpc-bind-port arg (=8081)
 --p2p-bind-ip arg (=        Interface for p2p network protocol
 --p2p-bind-port arg (=8080)         Port for p2p network protocol
 --p2p-external-port arg (=0)        External port for p2p network protocol (if 
                                     port forwarding used with NAT)
 --allow-local-ip                    Allow local ip add to peer list, mostly in 
                                     debug purposes
 --add-peer arg                      Manually add peer to local peerlist
 --add-priority-node arg             With this parameter(s) could be set list peers
                                     to connect to and attempt to keep the 
                                     connection open
 --seed-node arg                     Connect to a node to retrieve peer addresses, 
                                     and disconnect
 --add-exclusive-node arg            Specify list of peers to connect to only. If 
                                     this option is given the options 
                                     add-priority-node and seed-node are ignored
 --hide-my-port                      Do not announce yourself as peerlist candidate
 --extra-messages-file arg           Specify file for extra messages to include
                                     into coinbase transactions
 --start-mining arg                  Specify wallet address to mine for
 --mining-threads arg                Specify mining threads count

Daemon commands:

Command Description Arg 1 Arg 2
help print bytecoind commands - -
start_mining Start mining in several threads to a given wallet address [string] wallet_address [uint] threads
stop_mining Stop mining - -
show_hr Show current mining hashrate - -
hide_hr Stop showing current mining hashrate - -
exit Exit bytecoind - -
print_bc Print blockchain info in a given blocks range [uint] begin_height [uint] end_height (optional)
print_block Print block [string] block_hash or [uint] block_height -
print_cn Print connections - -
print_pl Print peer list - -
print_pool Print transaction pool (long format) - -
print_pool_sh Print transaction pool (short format) - -
set_log Change current log detailization level [uint] log level (0 - 4) -
print_tx Print transaction [string] transaction_hash -
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